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Akshay bearing develops all range and the best grade product of bearings that meet your demands.

In our manufacturing unit we earn guaranteed trust from our consumers by providing them highly quality and respecting service from far to close door. During entire producing process we put kin attention on each and every bite of row materials and design a cutting edge technological product. While making range product our team’s approach to fulfill customers business solution as they can perform their skill in the present market and reach-up to the goal to create an opportunity in a specific application to achieve desired result.

To run manufacturing process our skilled and authentic vendors have efficiencies to recognize the entire process of product hence we can export our matchless bearings range where you wish.

Quality and Innovation

Akshay Bearings designs, manufactures and distributes standard and advanced bearings for almost every type of application in the automotive, heavy vehicle, industrial and agriculture markets.

All of the company’s main processes directly related to product development, such as design, product engineering, as well as supplier quality assurance, and supply chain management are carried out at our central headquarters, located in Sapar(Veraval) Gujarat(India).

The quality of our manufacturing processes has been recognized by the major automotive and heavy vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. These recognitions have been the driving force in all our continuous improvement plans.

The investments made in our production centers have increased not only our production capacity but also helped us introduce world class quality manufacturing lines that help us guarantee the highest bearing quality standards while reinforcing individual needs.

Our Products

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